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QuickLinks for DOLLY
This is Dolly's QuickLinks page. This page can be customized to the user's preferences.   Each user in your your company can have his/her own QuickLinks page with access restricted to only the reports you wish that user to be able to access.  Links to the Demo Company's other reports and information can be accessed from the links in the panel on the left.

Dolly needs the following reports on her QuickLinks page.     

          Current Cash Balance Report

          Current Accounts Receivable

          Current Unpaid Bills


We can put just about any link you find useful here.  Below are just a few examples.

Traffic Camera  Bk of America Online   Currency Quotes  Face Book
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This page is your personal home page.  It is designed to work as a "dash board" providing quick links to all your reports as well as custom links to the reports you use most often. Each user may have his/her own personal and customized home page.

 Click on the links in the center to access reports.  The report will open in new window as an Excel spreadsheet or pdf document. Other formats can be provided at client request.

The menu in the vertical bar on the left provides access to all other reports.  This menu is available on every page in the Demo Company web.

Note:  each link will open in a new window.  To return to the previous page, close the open window.  When navigating through the Demo Company leave the QuickLinks page open.  The Home button will take you back to The Accounting Department home page.
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