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 We keep everything simple and convenient for our clients.

  • We start by reviewing the way your company is currently handling its accounting.  We discuss your current reporting needs and problems and suggest improvements and additional reports that will provide the relevant information you need to  manage more effectively.  If behind in your accounting, we will bring you up to date, including getting past due  tax reports filed, bank accounts reconciled or other needs met.   We usually make at least one site visit prior to initiating service.

  • Then we create your accounting database and setup a secure subweb on our web for your company, much like what was done for the demo company, but customized for your needs.  We provide you with a contact email address that is used only by you to contact The Accounting Department.  We also provide you with your own fax number that only you will use when faxing to The Accounting Department. 

  • We work with you to establish an accounting calendar which is used to schedule the delivery of reports, the printing of checks and invoices, etc.  The calendar is available to you on your company's secure site on our web.  Using the calendar, you will always know what to expect and when to expect it. 

  • Because no one can anticipate every need, we are also available whenever needed during regular business hours (9am to 5pm EST) for special reports or questions.  We email special reports with 24 hours of request.  In many instances we can email special reports the same day.


  • you send your vendor invoices and other accounting input documents to The Accounting Department via fax, email or snail mail.  Within 24 hrs of receipt, we will have your documents processed and the relevant reports posted to your webpage. 
  • we store every document you send to us in your Virtual Filing Cabinet in your secure sub-web so that you can access copies whenever needed, allowing you to simplify document management on your end.
  • we process all vendor invoices, prepare client invoices, print checks, prepare statements and prepare all your management reports
  • we post your reports to your secure page on our site.  If requested, we will also email or snail mail reports.
  • we print your checks and client invoices and deliver next day via courier, FedEx, mail or however you have requested.  
  • we will field inquiries from vendors and clients concerning the status of their accounts at your request.
  • we maintain electronic copies of every document you send to us.  We will provide copies to you whenever requested, or you can download from your Virtual Filing Cabinet.

 That's it.  You provide the input and we take it from there. 

Reports are the end result of the accounting process.  In order to be useful,  
 they must be accurate, relevant to the intended use and delivered on a timely
basis.  Our stringent standards for accuracy are supported by our internal
 review and reconciliation procedures.  We work with you to make certain the
 reports we produce are relevant to your needs.  Our standard of timeliness
 requires that your data is processed within 24 hrs of receipt.  We deliver
 reports through your secure site on our web, making your company reports
 available to you 24/7 anywhere you can connect to the internet.

 We will create your accounting database, do the bookkeeping so that the
 reports you need CAN be created from your accounting information.  Our
 services allow you to focus on making informed business decisions and NOT on data  processing and report writing. 

 We consider the database we create for a clients to be that client's
   Accordingly, we provide our clients with added assurance of the
 safety and accessibility of their accounting database by making it available to
 them 24/7 as a download from the client's secure sub-web on our web.   

 Some online accounting services allow only the downloading of reports when
 the client terminates their service contract.  Consequently, transaction          
 details are lost when this type of service is discontinued.  Not so with us.  You
 clients own your database.  We just take care of it for you.

 Contact us for a demonstration of how our system can help you keep your
 focus where it should be - growing your company's revenue and client base and
 improving your bottom line.

Call us at 301-541-8724 or email for a demo. 
Let us show you how we can provide the service you need at a cost you can afford! 


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