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 As manager, you need timely, accurate and relevant information from your
 accounting department to make informed decisions.  Today, with internet  
 communications, you no longer need to imbed your accounting department
 in your company in order to obtain the information you need to manage
 effectively.  Your accounting department can be almost anywhere and you
 can still interact with it 24/7.

 We leverage technology to provide an efficiently produced service and we
 pass the savings on.  We use dedicated websites, video conferencing and
 other techniques to maximize our efficiency without compromising the
 services you need.  AND it is available to you 24/7.

 Our services include the following...

  • process all your accounting data from your source documents. 

  • process your payroll and prepare all payroll disbursements and paychecks.

  • Provide all the financial and management reports you need to manage effectively.

  • Establish an archive of all accounting source documents, e.g. vendor and customer invoices, statements, contracts, etc.  All documents will be available through the Virtual Filing Cabinet on your website, restricted to users with proper credentials.

  • manage your accounts payable, including all reports, printing checks and processing online payments. 

  • manage accounts receivable, including providing aging reports, creating/printing customer invoices and tracking collections on accounts.

  • reconcile all bank accounts from banking records to the general ledger at close of business daily in order to provide an accurate daily cash report.

  • Prepare all federal, state and local tax reports, including payroll, for filing with the appropriate agencies.

  • Maintain accounting database and provide a copy to the client's Virtual Filing Cabinet, updated daily.

We leverage technology to maximize our efficiencies and share the cost savings with our clients, making our services not only the best choice but the most cost efficient one as well.

Call us at 301-541-8724 or email for a demo. 
Let us show you how we can provide the service you need at a cost you can afford! 



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