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Why Us?

Because we can help you maximize your effectiveness by providing the  
 information you need to make informed decisions and by making that 
 information available to you with a click of your mouse.

The accounting system and company financial record keeping functions are
 the responsibility of the accounting department in large organizations. 
 Regardless of size, an organization must invest considerable resources to
 create and maintain accounting information.  Successful managers know they
 cannot manage effectively without timely, useful and accurate information about
 the activities of their business.  Our mission is to provide the services and
 support of an accounting department to our clients.  Effective managers are
 information users, not information creators.  Accounting is our core competency.
 We produce the information managers need to make informed business

Successful businesses focus on generating revenue and providing superior
 client services.  Regardless of size, resources are always scarce and must be
 managed carefully.  If accounting is not one of your core competencies and
 your company does not earn income from accounting activities, the resources
 you are spending on accounting should be put to better use.  Focus your
 resources on your mission - generating revenue and providing the best client
 services you can. 

Outsource the rest!

We have developed a system specifically geared to the accounting and
 information needs of small and medium sized businesses.  Our system
 minimizes the paperwork burden for our clients, yet makes
all the financial
 information needed available
where it is needed 24/7.

We create an accounting and management information database for your
 business.  Though we create it, the information in it and
the database itself,
 remains the property of your company
.  We post a copy of your database to
 your secure site on our web every time your database is updated.  Your data
 remains yours and you remain in control of it.

The internet has changed the way we communicate.  We leverage this
 technology to create efficiencies in our operations and we share the costs
 savings with our clients.  We produce the detailed and relevant management
 and cost accounting information for your organization that you need to manage
 effectively.  We work on a flat fee basis, making the cost of our services not
 only a  predictable cost for your company but the most economic one as well.

Call us at 301-541-8724 or email for a demo. 
Let us show you how we can provide the service you need at a cost you can afford! 



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